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Porcellio werneri

Porcellio werneri

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Porcellio werneri - Pancake isopods, UFO isopods, Feather isopods, Werneri

The Pancakes. These flat boys look PREHISTORIC. Round from the top and insanely flat from the sides. They have gray bodies with clean white skirts.

Porcellio werneri are said to be seasonal breeders, producing only one to two broods per year.

Size - Adults reach up to 2cm.

Difficulty - [3/5] - Good for intermediate keepers. Read guides, take no shortcuts, and your colony will boom in no time. 

Special Care - Keep drier than usual - 3/4 dry area, and provide LOTS of ventilation. These will breed readily in a basic isopod setup with increased ventilation. Werneri will slowly die off if their air is stale or overly humid.

Cultures are sent in mixed sizes (juvies to subadults).


Photos by @pongspodsph and @adriandan

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