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Porcellio laevis 'Dairy Cow'

Porcellio laevis 'Dairy Cow'

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Porcellio laevis 'Dairy Cow' - Dairy Cow Isopods, Dairy Cows, Dirt Piranhas, Dairies

One of the best beginner isopods. Large, great patterns, super active, and super prolific! You can even cohabitate these with Porcellio laevis 'Giant Orange' and Porcellio laevis 'Milkback

Size - Adults reach up to 2.0cm.

Difficulty - [1/5] - Great for people/children who have never kept pets before.

Special Care - No special care. These will breed in most conditions, but do best in a basic isopod setup.

Cultures are sent in mixed sizes (subadults, adults)

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