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Merulanella sp. 'Ember Bee'

Merulanella sp. 'Ember Bee'

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Merulanella sp. 'Ember Bee' - Ember Bees, Embers

Merulanella isopods make the best display isopods. Most isopods are inactive, nocturnal burrowers with dull colors. Merulanella are active, diurnal (day-active) climbers with crazy colors.

Ember Bees are some of the largest isopods. They are slightly longer than other Merulanella, but are so much wider and heavier. They are also the most outgoing. Embers often hang out in the open, right on top of the terrarium decor.

This is all compounded by the amazing colors on them. Each plate is a gradient that starts jet black and ends either yellow, orange, or red. The variation between specimens is amazing.

Size - Adults reach up to 2.2cm.

Difficulty [4/5] - Good for experienced keepers. These are sensitive to temperature, humidity, and ventilation issues.

Special Care - These will breed readily in a basic isopod setup with extra ventilation (aim for 30-70% of the lid) and a 30/70 to 50/50 humid-dry split. Keep temperature below 30C.

Cultures are sent in mixed sizes (juveniles to subadults). Do not expect fully-grown specimens.

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