Isopod Basics #1: What is it like to take care of pet isopods?

Isopod Basics #1: What is it like to take care of pet isopods?

Here, we break down what it's like to have pet isopods. Find out just how low maintenance isopods are. 



Absolutely nothing.

Feel free to look at your isopods, handle them, maybe even look around for new babies, if you're in the mood. Busy day? No need to worry. Your babies will be fine on their own.



Fish Food

Spray or pour water.

Isopods need water! Mist or pour some water on the moss in the humid side of your enclosure once a week.

Give supplementary food.

Dried hardwood leaves are their main diet, but there are lots of other foods your isopods would enjoy. Fish food, veggies, dried fish, and leftover feeder insects are great examples! If you want your colony to grow faster, isopellets are perfect. Only put what they can finish within a day to avoid mold.



Dry Leaves

Add more leaves.
The main diet of your isopods! Check once a month to see if they need more leaves.

Add more calcium.
Your isopods need a lot of calcium to build their exoskeletons. Check once a month to see if their calcium supply needs a top up. Good sources are cuttlebone, reptile calcium, or crushed egg shells.


This leaves you SO MUCH time to enjoy your isopods. Just spray some water, chuck food in, then admire your little isopod world!

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